Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tony Romo Injury Serious?

Tony Romo was injured again last Monday night against a strong Redskins defense. Romo, coming off back surgery, has been in good form so far this season and it would be disappointing to say the least if he went down now after such great play this year. Romo's back was aggravated on Keenan Robinson's sack in the third quarter. Brandon Weeden, Romo's backup, did fill in for the star QB nicely, however, going 4/6 for 69 yards one TD and no interceptions. Cowboy owner and GM Jerry Jones told the media that Romo's injury is just a matter of pain tolerance at the moment. We will see if Jones's "encouraging" words will get Tony Romo, who was very unfortunate to have taken a knee to his surgically repaired back, back on the field Sunday against the Cardinals.

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