Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Quarterback Controversy in Washington

Redskins head coach Jay Gruden stated that the jury is still out on who will be the long-term starter for his squad. Former Redskins first-round pick responded to that by saying the Redskins are his team and that he will lead them. Gruden has been unsure about his quarterbacks ever since RGIII dislocated his ankle earlier this year. Gruden put in then back up Kirk Cousins who played inconsistent to say the least. He threw far too many interceptions to not be producing at least 4 TDs a game. Cousins couldn't get the job done, as was shown when the 'Skins got blown out by a weak Giants squad. In stepped third stringer Colt McCoy who played exceptionally well in his two games under center. However, after McCoy's two games RGIII was fully recovered. Robert Griffin III was officially back in week 9 against the Minnesota Vikings where he played very average. The young QB is ready to fight his way for the starting position, but could his injuries prove just too much for him to handle against an experienced QB like McCoy. As for now, Gruden's words may have sparked something in Griffin III, but his words still ring true. The jury is out on who will be the Washington Redskins' starting quarterback of the future.

Monday, November 3, 2014

Klay Thompson Leads Undefeated Warriors

Klay Thompson has dominated these past games leading his team to a 3-0 record. Stephen Curry is usually the more recognized of the Splash Brothers, but this time Thompson is making a whirlpool. Thompson scored 41 and 29 points in GSW's pas two games. Thompson will continue to produce big numbers offensively while taking over some of Curry's burden to lead this team deep into the playoffs. Klay Thompson is finally moving his game past three-pointers and clutch shots. He now is specializing in leading a team full of young players ready to make a SPLASH in the NBA. With Thompson stepping up Curry can finally worry about getting his teammates the ball instead of having to put up shot after shot. The Warriors are a top team this year especially with players like Harrison Barnes and Klay Thompson maturing to become future greats in this Warriors franchise. PF David Lee is finally back from injury and looking to start where he left off. The Warriors were just starting to get their momentum with Curry and Lee producing HUGE numbers... Then Lee went down. It seemed that Golden State's season was doomed. On the contrary, players like Barnes, Thompson, and even backup PG Jarrett Jack started to take over Lee's workload. Eventually the Warriors eked their way into the playoffs. The Golden State Warriors can compete with the Thunder and Spurs for the best team in the West... Easily.

New England Best Team in NFL?

After the Patriots blew out Peyton Manning and the Denver Broncos in week 9, there has been plenty of rumors of Brady being better than Peyton and the Pats being the best team in the NFL. Brady has played like his Hall of Fame self as of late and shows no sign of turning back now. The Patriots will win the Super Bowl if Brady, Gronkowski, and Edelman can all keep producing they way they have been these past few weeks. However, Peyton and the Broncos... The most consistent team in the NFL this year (except maybe for perhaps the Arizona Cardinals) seemed to be rushed and unsure against a strong Pats D. Manning was scared to death and had to run for his life nearly every passing down. His passes were inaccurate and lacked teh "zip" that they usually possess. The Broncos defense was completely worthless against Tom Brady's offense. New additions TJ Ward, Aqib Talib, and DeMarcus Ware could do nothing against the means of Gronk, Edelman, and Vereen. The Arizona Cardinals, though they lost big time to the Broncos, are better than Peyton's squad. If Carson Palmer and his Arizona team would have been completely healthy and ready for action (like they are now) they'd have beaten Manning out of Mile High city. With the Cards D working at such a high level, there might be no stopping Bruce Arian's roster. The Bird Gang are my favorites to win the NFC this year and take on the Patriots, yes you heard me, the Patriots in Super Bowl 49. Bill Bellichick and Tom Brady will find a way to beat the Cards out in the fourth quarter, but the young Cards squad will be ready to make a  return appearance in Super Bowl 50.

Eagles without Foles

The Philadelphia Eagles have just lost young QB Nick Foles to a collarbone issue and he will be out for at least a month. Foles was taken down hard on his left shoulder area by Houston Texans' linebacker Whitney Mercilus. Foles walked off the field and was replaced by backup Mark Sanchez who recorded a strong showing against a somewhat weak Houston secondary. Sanchez tossed two touchdowns during his time on the field and lead the Eagles past the Texans 31-21. RB LeSean McCoy should also share some of Sanchez's credit. McCoy torched the Texans with his beastly speed, which opened up opportunities for Sanchez to shine. Mark Sanchez dominated during his college tenure at USC. He was regarded as one of the best QBs in all of college until he turned pro. He was drafted by the New York Jets and for awhile seemed to have turned the franchise into a winning organization. However, Ryan eventually stole Sanchez's key weapons and sabotaged his New York career. In free agency Sanchez opted to go to Philly and backup young star Nick Foles. Perhaps Chip Kelly's most under-the-radar signing this offseason could save his season and take the Eagles to the playoffs.

Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Tony Romo Injury Serious?

Tony Romo was injured again last Monday night against a strong Redskins defense. Romo, coming off back surgery, has been in good form so far this season and it would be disappointing to say the least if he went down now after such great play this year. Romo's back was aggravated on Keenan Robinson's sack in the third quarter. Brandon Weeden, Romo's backup, did fill in for the star QB nicely, however, going 4/6 for 69 yards one TD and no interceptions. Cowboy owner and GM Jerry Jones told the media that Romo's injury is just a matter of pain tolerance at the moment. We will see if Jones's "encouraging" words will get Tony Romo, who was very unfortunate to have taken a knee to his surgically repaired back, back on the field Sunday against the Cardinals.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Greatest Quarterback of All Time?

Joe Montana is often hailed as the greatest QB of all time, however there has recently been talk about Peyton Manning becoming the G.O.A.T. Dan Marino, Tom Brady, and Joe Namath also come into the conversation. A quarterback's skill is not measured in rings or even wins. Archie Manning, Michael Vick (with the Falcons), and Chad Pennington are all examples of great quarterbacks who were never really considered elite because of their lack of wins. Archie Manning inherited a Saints team that had absolutely no talent, Vick came into a Falcons franchise that was on the verge of dying, and Pennington thrived in a Jets franchise that couldn't seem to win big games. And even though some of you haven't heard of these three quarterbacks they are all elite despite their lack of Super Bowl rings. Peyton himself has never won a ring and that is perhaps the biggest reason for people to take him out of consideration of the best QB of all time. However, Montana is 4-0 in SBs and Brady has been to 5 and won 3. Namath delivered his promise, Marino the most legendary QB when it comes to passing yards. Eli Manning, the one Manning who has a SB ring, is now being considered elite just because of SB rings. Not because of his performance while getting those rings. Rings and wins don't define a career, the general performance of that player do. Peyton, perhaps the smartest QB of all time. Brady, perhaps the most aware QB in NFL history. Montana, perhaps the most clutch QB ever to play football. These quarterbacks are the best ever.

Please Notice:
I did not mention tens of HOF quarterbacks, but I did consider them and felt that their presence in this blog was not needed or even relative.

Colt McCoy Leads Redskins Past Cowboys

The Washington Redskins earned their third win Monday night after beating the now 6-2 Cowboys in overtime. McCoy had an amazing game spreading the ball well, stretching the Dallas defense. The former Texas star may have earned the starting quarterback job even if RGIII does come back in week 9. Alfred Morris had a great game rushing, which opened the passing game for McCoy. Tony Romo was injured, but later came back in the 4th quarter. Romo threw a tragic interception on 4th and 3 on a crucial Cowboys' drive that had the potential to win or tie the game. DeMarco Murray had yet another 100+ yard game running the ball, making that his eight consecutive game. McCoy has taken advantage of Head Coach Jay Gruden's obvious disappointment of Kirk Cousins's and Robert Griffin's play. The Redskins defense also came up big against a high-powered offense, and even though they weren't able to keep Murray from crossing 100 yards, they showed up with a majestic pass rush that would have even scared Joe Montana into throwing an interception. The defensive backs did a good job covering their wide receivers. Dez Bryant's game can be awarded to his size and explosiveness that no defensive back in the NFL can overcome. The Redskins have a bright future with McCoy under center.