Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Greatest Quarterback of All Time?

Joe Montana is often hailed as the greatest QB of all time, however there has recently been talk about Peyton Manning becoming the G.O.A.T. Dan Marino, Tom Brady, and Joe Namath also come into the conversation. A quarterback's skill is not measured in rings or even wins. Archie Manning, Michael Vick (with the Falcons), and Chad Pennington are all examples of great quarterbacks who were never really considered elite because of their lack of wins. Archie Manning inherited a Saints team that had absolutely no talent, Vick came into a Falcons franchise that was on the verge of dying, and Pennington thrived in a Jets franchise that couldn't seem to win big games. And even though some of you haven't heard of these three quarterbacks they are all elite despite their lack of Super Bowl rings. Peyton himself has never won a ring and that is perhaps the biggest reason for people to take him out of consideration of the best QB of all time. However, Montana is 4-0 in SBs and Brady has been to 5 and won 3. Namath delivered his promise, Marino the most legendary QB when it comes to passing yards. Eli Manning, the one Manning who has a SB ring, is now being considered elite just because of SB rings. Not because of his performance while getting those rings. Rings and wins don't define a career, the general performance of that player do. Peyton, perhaps the smartest QB of all time. Brady, perhaps the most aware QB in NFL history. Montana, perhaps the most clutch QB ever to play football. These quarterbacks are the best ever.

Please Notice:
I did not mention tens of HOF quarterbacks, but I did consider them and felt that their presence in this blog was not needed or even relative.

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