Monday, November 3, 2014

Klay Thompson Leads Undefeated Warriors

Klay Thompson has dominated these past games leading his team to a 3-0 record. Stephen Curry is usually the more recognized of the Splash Brothers, but this time Thompson is making a whirlpool. Thompson scored 41 and 29 points in GSW's pas two games. Thompson will continue to produce big numbers offensively while taking over some of Curry's burden to lead this team deep into the playoffs. Klay Thompson is finally moving his game past three-pointers and clutch shots. He now is specializing in leading a team full of young players ready to make a SPLASH in the NBA. With Thompson stepping up Curry can finally worry about getting his teammates the ball instead of having to put up shot after shot. The Warriors are a top team this year especially with players like Harrison Barnes and Klay Thompson maturing to become future greats in this Warriors franchise. PF David Lee is finally back from injury and looking to start where he left off. The Warriors were just starting to get their momentum with Curry and Lee producing HUGE numbers... Then Lee went down. It seemed that Golden State's season was doomed. On the contrary, players like Barnes, Thompson, and even backup PG Jarrett Jack started to take over Lee's workload. Eventually the Warriors eked their way into the playoffs. The Golden State Warriors can compete with the Thunder and Spurs for the best team in the West... Easily.

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